Cat litter bag

Hibags Cat litter bag for packaging cat litters—cat litter bags producing video

150 150 hibags

After Choosing the best material, and the process of printing, laminating, aging, then we producing the cat litter bags(shows in the video), this process is final process of producing bags. In this process, we need to take care of heat sealing temperature, heat sealing time, heat sealing pressure.
Because the effect of the heat sealing temperature is to heat the adhesive film to an ideal viscous state. And heat sealing time is a key factor affecting the strength and appearance of heat sealing. Also if want to achieve the desired heat seal strength must have the appropriate heat sealing pressure.
Our professional technical engineers control and check heat sealing temperature, heat sealing time, heat sealing pressure during producing bags, make sure the bags is the best quality.
Hibags cat litter bags used for packing cat litter bags, this type bags also can used for packing pet foods.
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