Hibags Flexible Bags Production Process


Hibags Flexible Bags Production Process-printing

Move the pattern or words to the film through the plate roll. Now our factory use Gravure printing type, that printing type  performs a sense of hierarchy and colorful.


Hibags Flexible Bags Production Process-laminating

The two or more layers of materials through the glue or coating, or the pressure to let them together. The main role is to protect the ink does not fall and to prevent the food not corrosion by ink, change the bad barrier properties of single-layer material.Our factory use dry laminate,that laminated type let two or more layers of materials together through the glue ; the laminated films stiffness is good, not easy to layer, better protect the prod.


Hibags Flexible Bags Production Process-aging

The purpose of aging is to make the one material and another material fully reflected between the glue, on the one hand to ensure that the not layer, on the one hand to reduce the printing and laminating solvent flavor.


Hibags Flexible Bags Production Process-producingbags

Our factory can make all kinds of plastic flexible bags type , including: quad seal bags, flat bottom bags, three side seal bags, pillow bags, spout pouches, irregular shape bags, special zipper bags and other types plastic bag.

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