How to choose safe plastic foods bags in supermarket

How to choose safe plastic foods bags in supermarket

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Recently, we pay more and more attention to the plastic food bags , because it is related to our health. When we shopping in the supermarket, too many packaging products with various of plastic bags. But how to choose safe plastic food bags? Now hibags  give you the 2 examples to  explain it.

About supermarket bulk food

When you want to buy bulk food, for example, bulk pastry, bulk noodles, you need to choose the plastic bags which have “food bags” and “QS” logo plastic bags. Also you can touch it, check is it lubricate and smell it, is it have smell is very important

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Plastic package food into microwave oven

Normally, the supermarket food bags use Polyethylene material, it is not bad for our health, but if you put it in the microwave, then it is bad for our health, because high temperature conditions easy to make harmful substances into the food. So if you want to put food together with packaging bags into microwave oven, better choose retort pouches.

Above is our suggestions, hope it can help you when you buy foods. Also, if you need any help to choose the suitable plastic bags or order the plastic bags, please contact us.

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